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Mixpanel makes analytics self-serve for your product teams and enables everyone to answer questions around user conversion, retention and activation.

Mixpanel Integration

The Mixpanel Integration with MoEngage allows you to export Mixpanel cohorts to Moengage and send personalized campaigns to all the users under this cohort from MoEngage. You can also send the campaign interaction events from MoEngage to Mixpanel and use them for enriching your analytics and cohorts on Mixpanel.

How can this integration help you?

The Mixpanel - MoEngage Integration will allow you to leverage the advanced cohorts that you have in Mixpanel and target them through one of the Moengage campaigns directly and also see the campaign events from MoEngage in your Mixpanel cohorts / analytics views.

Below are a few use-cases where the integration can add a lot of value to your analytics + user engagement activities -

  • E-commerce: Understand the seasonal changes in purchase trends that are happening and send rich push notifications to such users via MoEngage. For example, target the cohort of users who purchase high value items during summers and send the rich push notifications with similar recommended items.

  • Travel: You can create a cohort in Mixpanel of millennial users who are also premium users of your app and send them popular and unique holiday destination recommendations via MoEngage emails.

  • E-learning: Understand where your users are dropping off while watching a video series on your platform and bring them back with engaging campaigns! Through insights into user behavior, you are armed with a holistic picture of exactly what actions can trigger a user to return to the app.

Enabling Mixpanel <> MoEngage Integration for your account.

  1. The Mixpanel <> MoEngage Integration is in a closed beta right now. Please reach out to Mixpanel if you would like to start using this.
  2. Once you have the integration enabled for your Mixpanel account, you will be able to configure MoEngage as an integration. See the below steps for setting this up.
  3. If this integration is available in your MoEngage plan, there is no additional enablement required for your MoEngage account. If this is not a part of your MoEngage plan, please reach out to your MoEngage Account Manager or write to support@moengage.com

Setting up MoEngage integration on Mixpanel

To setup MoEngage Integration on Mixpanel, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Login to Mixpanel and navigate to Data Management -> Integrations


Step 2: On the Integrations page, search MoEngage and click on the CONNECT button. You will see a pop-up to enter the MoEngage credentials as shown below -


Here, the Moengage APP_KEY (DATA API KEY) and DATA API SECRET are available on the Moengage dashboard.

Step 3: Find MoEngage App Id and Secret Key on the MoEngage Dashboard. Login to your MoEngage Dashboard and navigate to Settings -> API Settings. Pick up the Data API ID and Data API Key as shown in the below image -


Step 5: Complete the Integrations Setup:

After configuration on the Mixpanel dashboard, click save on continue to connect MoEngage as an integration.

Exporting Cohorts from Mixpanel to MoEngage

To export specific cohorts from Mixpanel to MoEngage, please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to the cohorts page on Mixpanel dashboard as shown below -



Step 2: Click on the three dots menu on the right-hand side of any cohort that you want to export to MoEngage. Once you click here, you will see an option to export this cohort to MoEngage.


Step-3: Click on the export to MoEngage option. A pop-up will open up with the below options 


Select any one of the following options:

  • One-time export: This will only export the users under the cohort to MoEngage once and the cohort will not sync thereafter.
  • Dynamic sync: This option will ensure that the updated information of the cohorts like the new users who qualify for this cohort and the existing users who are removed from the cohort are sent to MoEngage every two hours.

Step-4: You can check the export status after you export the cohort as shown below -


Using Cohorts in MoEngage Campaigns

Once an export is complete, you would be able to see the cohort as a custom segment in MoEngage like below - 


The custom segment can be used in any MoEngage campaigns to send personalized messages to the users under this segment.


User Mapping between Mixpanel and MoEngage

When you are exporting cohorts from Mixpanel to MoEngage, all users in your Mixpanel cohort will be attempted to be mapped with unique user profiles in MoEngage. We will be relying on a unique user identifier that will be present across Mixpanel and MoEngage users for mapping. This identifier will also be used when sending campaign events from MoEngage to Mixpanel.

You need to ensure that you are adding an alias for your Mixpanel distinct_id and that the same identifier is used as ID in MoEngage.

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