Overview - Alert Management

Alert Management enables you to configure and receive alerts when there are changes in the system that you would like to monitor and act upon proactively. For example, you can set up alerts to be sent to you when your Facebook account's token or your APNS token is about to expire. Similarly, when a campaign is experiencing a lot of failures within an hour or there is a sudden drop in stats, you can set up alerts to be notified about these occurrences. You then get a chance to monitor and take corrective action at the right time. This could help you improve customer engagement and ROI.

Alert Management provides a centralized way to set up, manage, and subscribe to receive alerts about events that you would like to be notified about without reaching out to developers or the support team. With this feature, you can create an alert, edit it, and subscribe to it by yourself.

With Alert Management, you can:

  • Receive information regarding issues with your campaigns or flows in a timely manner
  • Proactively address issues before they turn into major problems
  • Improve efficiency and productivity as no manual intervention is required to identify issues
  • Improve ROI with proactive and timely action 

Alert Types

There are two types of Alerts:

  1. Out of the Box (OOTB) Alerts - These alerts are available in the Alert Manager by default. Some examples of OOTB Alerts are token drops, campaign expiry, and campaign failure. 
  2. Custom Alerts - These alerts are created and configured based on the criteria specified by you. For example, a custom alert could be set up to send a notification when the campaign stats of a periodic campaign see an increase in engagement metrics by over 20% within an hour.

Subscription Management for Alerts

When creating an alert, you can add subscribers (members of your team). You can also subscribe to or unsubscribe from receiving an alert in the Alert Manager. You can also add other team members as subscribers to the alerts from the Alert Manager. For more information, refer to Alert Subscription Management.

Use Cases

  1. Receiving alerts for APNS and Facebook token expiries
  2. Receiving alerts about campaigns that are expiring in the next fortnight
  3. Receiving alerts for campaign failure
  4. Receiving alerts when there are failures in campaigns that exceed a specified limit
  5. Receiving alerts when there is a drop or increase in campaign stats below or above a specified limit within an hour or a set time
  6. Receiving alerts for delivery failures when there are campaign delivery failures that exceed a specified percentage within a set time
  7. Configuring custom alerts to get notifications for any event of your choice based on events specified by you.

Next Steps

  1. Create Alerts
  2. Manage Alerts

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