Snowflake Exports


Snowflake is a data platform that allows organizations to store, analyze, and process large volumes of structured and semi-structured data in a highly scalable and efficient manner. With its unique architecture, Snowflake allows organizations to consolidate their data, perform quick analytics, and gain valuable data-driven insights accessible to all users.

MoEngage <> Snowflake

The MoEngage and Snowflake integration exports Campaign Interaction Events data directly to your Snowflake tables.




  • Ensure you have a Snowflake account with permission to create/edit Snowflake instances, roles, and policies.
  • Optional: To create a new user, you need to have access to create a new user in your Snowflake database.

Read our Snowflake guide to set up MoEngage <> Snowflake integration for your account. 

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