Presets for In-App NATIV

We, for our In-App NATIV campaigns, wanted to improve the customer experience by driving ease of product usage. We also wanted to facilitate a knowledge exchange where we can help our clients create most effective In-App messages and allow them to drive their key business metrics.

We realized that a simple product can help us achieve these objectives - In-App Presets. In-App Presets are a collection of pre-created In-App campaign templates featuring the effective use cases, with an inbuilt help to guide you through the use-case and allow you to create these campaigns in a matter of seconds. Presets are:

  1. popular and effective use cases advocated by our customer success experts
  2. with in-built help guide
  3. easy to use
  4. created in matter of seconds



We have created a guided tour to help you create these campaigns. You can view them at any point of time by clicking on:

To start with, we are allowing you to create three use cases:

- App Rating & Reviews - You can target all your users who haven't rated your app yet and ask them to rate it.

- App Referrals - Ask your engaged & loyal customers to refer your app to their friends after a happy check-out experience. Referrals are essential to drive virality of your app.

- Push Opt-in for iOS - Ask your iOS Customers for their push permission to increase your reach and chances of engaging with them on a recurring basis. Tip: Right approach would be to ask them of this permission after developing a certain level of trust.


Do let us know how you feel about this at : 

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