Analyze Card Campaign

Card campaigns provide important information regarding how the campaign performed in terms of impressions, clicks, and conversions. This information can help you to improve the performance of your business metrics and bring more value to your business. 

Accessing the Card Info and Analytics Page

Upon successful creation of a Card campaign, you will be redirected to the Campaign Info page. An alternate method to access the Campaign Info page is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the MoEngage dashboard and click Engage in the left panel.
  2. Select Campaigns to enter the All campaigns page.
  3. Click the Select channel dropdown and then select Cards.
  4. Select the Card you want to view the analytics for.
    The Campaign Info page will display the following information:

Card Details

campaign overview.png

This section gives you an overview of the Card details as follows:

  • Card name
  • The time when the Card was created.
  • The user who created the Card campaign.
  • Card Tags
  • Card ID
  • Option to edit/duplicate/pause the Card campaign.
  • Option to show/hide the Card.

Card Analytics

The following metrics are displayed to assess how the Card has performed:


Sent Delivered Impression Clicks Conversions

Sent is tracked when the MoEngage server successfully sends the Card campaign to the user and the user may/may not have opened the App Inbox.

Points to be noted:

  • All the above are unique counts.
  • These unique counts are maintained for 72 hours.
    • For example, if the user opens the Inbox 5 times a day and a Card gets delivered every time, then the Delivered count will not be 5. The same logic applies to Impressions, Clicks, and Conversions. Despite the number of times a user views or clicks a Card or performs the conversion event, these numbers will be tracked only once in the 72-hour window
    • Let us say, after a week (post 72-hour window), the same Card gets delivered to the user's Inbox. In such cases, the Delivered count will be incremented by 1, and so on. 
  • These counts are combined for both Android and iOS.


If you have configured the Card dismiss option during SDK integration, the user can also dismiss a Card from the Inbox with a long press on the Card. Upon long press, users will get an option to delete/dismiss the Card. If the user performs this option for a Card, that Card will not be delivered to the same user again.


Card Summary

Cards analytics.png

A summary of the Card campaign is shown in this section to help you understand the users you targeted, the message you included in the Card, the time you sent the Card, the platforms you chose to deliver your Card, Expiry time set for the Card, and additional data. 

It also allows you to check the message preview on all the platforms (Android, iOS, and web). In the preview section, you can hover over the Card or the CTA to see the action that you configured for this Card.

Under the Trigger Criteria section, you can see the type of campaign. For One time campaigns, you can see the value of the Allow Future Qualifiers setting.



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