How to Setup Birthday Push Campaign

Birthday campaigns are a powerful medium for marketers to engage with their customers on a personal level, drive sales, and improve customer loyalty. 

This article takes you through a step-by-step process for creating a push birthday campaign.

Verify the availability of data

Before creating a birthday campaign in MoEngage, make sure you have the birth date of the user available in the MoEngage systems.

      1. Go to the user profile of a specific user and see if data is available. (Find User in MoEngage).
      2. On the user profile page, check if the Birthday field has data present in it.

In the example shown here, we have a user attribute, Birthday, that stores the birth date of the user. This information is available in the Tracked Standard Attribute section of the User Profile. The birthday information may be present in a different user attribute for your account.

Note: Ensure that the data is available in the date format shown here. If there is no data present, connect with your tech team to send the user's birthday to MoEngage and store it in a user attribute.


Create a Periodic Push Campaign

To create a periodic Push campaign, navigate to Engage -> All Campaigns and click + Create campaign or navigate to the Sidebar and click +Create new. Click Outbound -> Push -> Periodic. Do the following:

Campaign Details and Segmentation

      1. Campaign Details - Add the Team name (if Teams is enabled), Campaign name, and Campaign tags in the first step of campaign creation and move to the segmentation section.
      2. Segment Users - This is where you will select the Target Audience for your campaign.

              1. Click on 'Filter users by' and then 'User property'.
              2. In the User property ‘Select attribute’ dropdown menu, select the Birthday attribute (or the attribute where you have stored the user's birthdate).
              3. For the Date operator, select - ‘Yearly where the date’ to filter out specific dates across the years.
              4. In the filter condition, select - 'is today' and click on the Next button. The ‘Yearly where the date is today’ combination filters out the users whose birthday is today. So whenever this query runs, you will get a list of users whose birthday is on that day.Birthday_Segment.gif
              5. Select all three platforms (Android, iOS, and Web) in the Target Platforms section.
              6. Specify the control groups for the campaign and click Next to proceed to content creation for the campaign.

Create Content

In the content screen:

      1. Select the Basic notification.
      2. Add Message title and Message as desired. You can use personalization to add the user's name to the message. You can use emojis as well.
      3. Add an image using the Image URL or Upload Image option.
      4. Add the information for all the platforms and click Next. For more information, refer to Create Push Campaign.

Schedule the message

You can define the campaign's delivery schedule and delivery controls in this step.

      1. Schedule a daily message and send it in the user’s time zone.
      2. Select the campaign time zone, start date, send time, AM/PM, and frequency as daily.DeliveryScheule.png
      3. Ignore FC and minimum delay.
      4. The user shouldn't see the birthday notification the next day. Add the expiry for the notification in the Advanced -> Expiration Settings -> Expire notifications section.

      5. Click on Publish to publish the campaign.

This campaign will run every day and push a happy birthday message to users whose birthday is on that specific day.

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