All Campaigns - Search/View and Export Campaign Statistics

The All campaigns section on the MoEngage Dashboard has the performance statistics of various campaigns and also gives options to search/view campaigns and export campaign statistics.

Navigate to Campaigns->All Campaign on the dashboard to access the All Campaigns section

Campaign Search

You can search among the campaigns based on the name, creation date, channel, delivery type, status, campaign tags, platforms, and created by.



Exporting Campaign Data

You can export campaign data to build internal reports or gather additional insights. To export data, just click on the export button at the top of the All Campaigns Page.


Click here to read about the campaign exports option and how to schedule a report for periodic delivery.

Archiving a Campaign

A campaign can be archived by clicking on the button. Once archived, the campaign can be seen in the list by toggling on the "Archived campaigns" button Screenshot_2022-09-02_at_5.15.41_PM.png after the filters section on the page. An archived campaign can be un-archived by clicking on the  button.

Note: Card campaigns cannot be archived.

Click here to read about the campaign information displayed on a particular campaign's page and how to edit/duplicate a campaign.

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