January 2021

New Features

Control Groups

Global Control Groups

Measure ROI (return on investment) of your marketing and engagement efforts, by creating a common control group for all your campaigns (across all channels).


For more information, refer to Global Control Groups.



2.0 version of the Funnel has the following:

  • Add multiple events in a single step and merge multiple funnels into one.

  • Analyze funnels by removing unwanted paths.

  • Granular analysis of all funnel occurrences for users using Event Funnels.

  • Amount of time taken by for performing different steps

  • The number of times a step is performed before the next step by users.

  • Support for keeping a property constant on All steps and First N steps.

For more information, refer to Funnels.


In-App Campaign Analytics

New user experience for visualizing your in-app campaign performance and enhancements in the conversion tracking from in-app campaigns such as:

  1. Set up to five conversion goals for your in-app campaigns.

  2. Customize the attribution window for tracking conversions.

  3. Calculate the revenue generated by your in-app campaign

  4. Use attribution models like view-through, click-through and, in-session to view the conversions generated by your in-app campaigns.


For more information, refer to In-App campaign analytics.

Facebook Audience Campaign (Beta Feature)

Released on:  15 January 2021

MoEngage and Facebook integration allow marketers to sync users from MoEngage to Facebook's custom audience, based on behavior analytics in MoEngage. Marketers can retarget and create ads for this custom audience on Facebook.


For more information, refer to Facebook Audience Campaign.



Limit and control dashboard access to only trusted IP addresses. Firewall adds another layer of authentication, increases security and reduces account information compromise.

For more information, refer to Firewall.


A/B Spilt in Flows (Beta Feature)

Released on: 11 January 2021

A/B Split test for up to 5 variations of flow paths to determine which is the best performing option. You can experiment with different channels, different messages on the same channel, and different message frequencies across these flow paths. 


For more information, refer to A/B Spilt in Flows.

Intelligent Path Optimizer (Beta Feature)

Released on: 11 January 2021

Intelligent Path Optimizer tests up to 5 branches of A/B split with Sherpa automatically adjusts the user distribution towards to best performing path.


For more information, refer to Intelligent Path Optimizer.

Flows in Onsite Messaging and Mobile In-App (Beta Feature)

Released on: 11 January 2021

Flows for onsite messaging and mobile in-app along with other MoEngage channels.


For more information, refer to Onsite Messaging and Mobile In-App in Flows.

Retiring a Flow

Released on: 11 January 2021

Retiring a flow means: while stopping a flow Marketers can now choose to allow the users currently in the flow to move forward towards a flow exit while stopping any new entries into the flow.


For more information, refer to Edit, Duplicate, Pause & Resume Flows.



On-site Messaging

Performance improvement of on-site messaging editor includes:

  1. Ability to customize the HTML code of templates by opening the code view.

  2. Add personalized image URLs in on-site messaging templates.

  3. Template widgets that are not required can now be hidden. For example, hide the close button, description text widget and so on.


For more information, refer to On-site Messaging.


User Data Export

To enhance the security of user data, new changes in User Data Export will restrict the export of end-user data to only those users of your organization who have access to the MoEngage dashboard.

For more information, refer to User Export Security.


Funnels enhancements:

  • Support for split funnel by All steps, First N steps, Nth step.

  • Support for split Funnel analysis using up to three attributes.

  • Analyze funnels for repeated events with both the same and different attributes,

  • Analyze funnels by splitting funnels or holding time-related attributes such as Hour of the Day, Day of the week, and so on.

  • Support actionable Analytics on Unique Funnels, Event Funnels, Time to convert, and Frequency.

For more information, refer to Funnels.


Create Segments

Released on: 05 January 2021

All new user experience of Segmentation allows marketers to:  

- get a view of Reachable users while creating a segment


- seamlessly create campaigns from segments


- Search for the right users using multiple identifiers


For more information, refer to Create Segments.



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