Web Personalization is used to modify the website content for each user by sending personalized data when users access the website. A few popular use cases for Web Personalization include the home page banner personalization basis user behavior, localizing the website content basis user geography, testing the performance of new page layouts for improved performance etc.

Integration Essentials for Web Personalization:

This section is a guide for integration changes required for Web Personalization. Please make sure the you have integrated our web SDK prior to setting up self handled campaigns. You can refer our detailed documentation on web SDK integration here.

To be able to use MoEngage Web Personalization, you need to get it enabled for your MoEngage account. To do so, reach out to your customer success manager or send an email to with your account name.


Every Web Personalization Campaign created on MoEngage dashboard is associated with a Campaign Tag as described below in the Campaign Creation guide. This TAG_NAME helps MoEngage web SDK choose the exact campaign for fetching personalized content from the available campaigns.

Tag_Name is a parameter of the function to fetch personalized data. Once this function call is made, MoEngage SDK will deliver the personalized data to your website. Once the data is received, the website needs to consume this data and take action.

Additional pointers for integration - 

1. Please ensure that you have handled default content and fallback content that needs to be displayed in case of personalization failures / API failures or delay in content being fetched from MoEngage servers.

2. With Self Handled campaigns, MoEngage will take care of delivering personalized data to your website. The website needs to consume this data and handle the display.

3. Once the data is displayed on the website, website needs to send Impressions, Click event to MoEngage for calculating the campaign performance.

Detailed implementation documentation for the same is available here.

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