Edit Card Campaigns and Show/Hide Cards


There may be scenarios where you want to change the message in the Card campaign or target a different group of users to optimize your Card usage. In such cases, you can edit a previously created Card campaign without having to create a new one from scratch. Depending on the campaign delivery type and status, the editable fields may vary.

We recommend that you get acquainted with the Create a Card Campaign process and the types of Card campaigns before proceeding.


To edit a campaign:

  1. Navigate to the MoEngage dashboard and then click Engage in the left menu bar.
  2. Click Campaigns to enter the All Campaigns page.
  3. Once you've searched for the desired campaign, click the verticle ellipsis in the Actions column and then click Edit.


    You can view the Edit option for all types of Cards (One Time, Event Triggered, and Periodic) that fit into the following categories:

    • Active (published) Cards that have been sent or scheduled.
    • Draft Cards that have not been published.

Editing a Card Campaign

You can edit various fields in the Card campaign depending on the campaign's delivery type and status.

One Time Event Triggered Periodic

One Time Cards, as the name suggests, can only be edited if they haven't been sent yet or are scheduled to be sent just once during a specific period of time.

Status Steps Can Edit Can't Edit
Scheduled, but Not Sent

Step 1: Segmentation

  • Campaign Name
  • Platform
  • Trigger criteria
  • IF/AND events and trigger delay options (If the card qualification criterion is “Based on Trigger Event”)
  • Audience
  • Display controls
  • Segmentation filters/type
  • Allow Future Qualifiers

Step 2:

Create View

  • Card Category
  • Template Type
  • Message

Step 3:


  • Scheduling type:
    • Can edit and change ASAP to scheduled/periodic.
    • Can edit and change scheduled to periodic or periodic to scheduled.
    • Campaign time zone
  • Start/End date and time
  • Campaign time zone
  • Card expiry
  • Conversion Goals
Scheduling type:
  • Cannot edit the scheduled/periodic campaign to ASAP



For instance, you may want to launch a promotion campaign for users who added items to their carts for purchase within a specified period. Assume that you want to postpone sending out the campaign for some reason without losing track of the users who meet the segmentation criteria on the promotion Card. In such cases, you can hide the Card from users while it's still active by temporarily disabling the Show card toggle button. Similarly, you can toggle the Show card button on to resume sending out the promotion.



When you disable the toggle button, the Cards remain hidden from the Moengage Cards Inbox as well as the Self-handled Cards Inbox.

How does the Show card toggle work?

  • When Show Card is disabled: The Card will be temporarily hidden and not be displayed in the app inbox. The Card will remain with the status Hidden.
  • When Show Card is enabled: The Card will be delivered the next time the user opens their app Inbox.

The different campaign states and the Show/Hide behavior are explained in more detail below:

Campaign status Campaign type Show/Hide logic
Sent Any qualification criteria

Show card is switched ON by default.

You can switch it OFF anytime.




Smart Trigger

Show card is switched ON by default.

You can switch it OFF anytime.

Paused  Periodic


On Trigger Event

When the campaign is paused, Show card will be turned OFF. 

You can switch it ON anytime.

Resumed Periodic


On Trigger Event


When the campaign is resumed, Show card will be turned ON.

You can switch it OFF anytime.

Stopped Applicable for campaigns in the Sending Stage (One-time campaigns & child instances of periodic campaigns)

As soon as the campaign is stopped, Show card will be turned OFF. 

You can switch it ON anytime.




  • The campaign can only be resumed once it's paused.
  • A stopped campaign cannot be made active again.
  • Show Card applies to the users for whom the Card has already been delivered and the new users who will qualify for the campaign.



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