October 2023

Outbound Channels

Reply-to Email Address Personalization

With this feature, MoEngage supports personalization in the Reply-to email address field for the email channel. This allows you to dynamically map the reply-to email address and direct replies from customers to the inbox of designated supported or CRM personnel handling their accounts. 

Localization Support in Emails

Localization support has been added for the email channel with this release. You can add locale variations to your email campaigns and analyze the performance of these variations in campaign analytics. For more information, refer to Variation Performance.

Inbound Channels

Non-Intrusive Nudges (Android)

In-App Nudges deliver seamless, non-intrusive, and highly contextual in-app experiences. With this release, MoEngage introduces ten new nudge templates that can be used to activate new customers, drive feature discovery and adoption, alert customers about important updates, promote offers, or get instant and relevant feedback. For more information, refer to In-App Nudges.


Get User API

This API helps you fetch the personal details of users stored with MoEngage. These details include personal profile attributes, activities done by the user, any derived information, and predictive insights of the user. For more information, refer to Get User API.

Delete User API

You can use this API to delete users from MoEngage. After deletion, you can't recover the users. Despite deletion, these users stay active and can be seen in Segments, Analytics, and Campaigns during a buffer period of 24 hours. During this time, you can still update their details. Once this buffer period ends, MoEngage permanently removes the users. For more information, refer to Delete User API.


User Experience Enhancements

The following user experience enhancements have been added to the Analytics suite:

  1. You can rename the chart on the custom dashboard upon clicking it.
  2. Product demo videos are available for various features.

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