December 2022

New Features

Google Ads Audience Sync

We've added a new channel - the Google Ads Audience to help marketers automate retargeting audiences using Google Ads. For more information, refer to Google Ads Audience Sync Campaigns.

SHERPA Recommendations

We've added real-time Recommendations (powered by MoEngage's AI SHERPA) that come up with suggestions/recommendations for the items a user is likely to interact with based on past Interactions. Recommendations use automatic item exploration. For more information, refer to Recommendations.

File-based S3 Imports

You can import users and events into MoEngage through flat files and schedule the pick up of these files automatically from an S3 location. For more information, refer to S3 Imports.

Custom Segment Revamp

We've revamped the custom segments section on the MoEngage Dashboard. For more information, refer to Custom Segments.


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