MoEngage Channels

You can send a message to a user through a push notification on the app, a push notification on the web, an email, an SMS, and so on. These varied media used for message delivery are known as Channels.

MoEngage supports multiple channels to help marketers and product owners engage their audience across relevant and important touchpoints.

Channels in MoEngage

The following channels are supported in MoEngage.

Channel Name Channel Description
Mobile Push Push notifications on devices having your mobile (Android, iOS) apps installed. 
Web Push Push notifications on devices with your Desktop and Mobile websites on supported browsers.
Email Email to a registered user.
SMS SMS to a registered user.
In-app Display messages within your mobile app to users while using the app.
On-site Display pop-up messages/surveys or generate leads within your desktop or mobile website while users are visiting the website.
Cards Display messages inside a feed embedded inside your app.
WhatsApp Send templated WhatsApp Messages to registered users opting in for WhatsApp.
Facebook Audience Retarget users on Facebook by syncing data to Facebook Ad Audience.
Google Ads Audience Retarget users on the Google display network by syncing data to Google Ads Audience.
Connectors Integrate and send data to any other channel/partner or 3rd party tool to which you wish to forward the data or trigger communication.
Web Personalization Personalize the experience of users while on your website.





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