Common Reasons for Push Token Drop in iOS


Drop in push tokens could be due to below reasons: 

  1. Token not passed to MoEngage SDK - If the implementation of push notification is not done correctly.
  2. Push permission not granted by the user - If user opts for "Don't allow" on asking for push notification permission.
  3. Network connectivity - If the device is connected to a slow network connection or not connected to any network. This is a rare reason for token drop. 

Solution and steps to verify the end result

  1. First, check if the implementation of Push Notifcations is done correctly. Ensure you registered your app for push notifications correctly, check if you are getting the device token while trying to register for Remote Notification, and the same is sent to the SDK correctly.
  2. Test by sending a test campaign targetting the particular device. If an error is received, check for the error description in Common Push Errors.
  3. If the test campaign is sent successfully but notification was not received on the device, check if notification settings for the app were disabled.

If you are still not able to identify the reason or need further assistance, please reach out to us on

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