September 2022

New Features

Copy and Paste Flow Stages

MoEngage Flows now have the option to copy and paste a flow stage. Almost all of the flows created by marketers on MoEngage include multiple action campaigns on at least one channel. In most cases, these stages differ only slightly in content. The option to copy-paste flow stages makes it easy for marketers to create desired flows in a fast manner, thus saving time and effort. Click here for more information. Click here for more information.

New Email Templates

We've added support for 100 new templates in the Email drag & drop editor. 

Cards in the Web Platform

MoEngage supports Card creation in the web platform apart from Android and iOS. Click here for more information.



Multiple Conversion Goals in Flows

MoEngage helps marketers to exit users on primary goal conversion. We've also added the option to filter stats based on different attribution types: click-through, view-through, and in-session attribution. Click here for more information on conversion attribution.


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