Audit Logs

Overview - Audit Logs

Audit logs are a central place to store a trail of all activities for your MoEngage account, such as:

  • users logging in to the account.
  • users making changes to the account.
  • users invited to the account.


  1. Audit logs are available for only limited events, including teams, inviting new users, changing roles, and updates for 2-factor authentication and SSO. 
  2. Audit logs will start tracking events from the point when the audit logs feature is enabled for your account.
  3. We've revamped our Dashboard Settings UI. This article describes the steps to access Audit Logs on the MoEngage Dashboard in both the revamped and old UIs.

Viewing Audit Logs



Audit logs can be viewed and downloaded only by admins.

To view Audit Logs:

  1. Navigate to Settings ->Account -> Audit Logs

    Revamped UI Old UI


  2. Actions available, such as creating, deleting, updating, and exporting for your account, are shown in a tabular format.
  3.  Click the Filter icon and Select filter values >> Apply.
    You can filter events taking place for any particular event type, user, or date range.



Audit logs cannot be modified or updated by any user or MoEngage.

You can view these columns with the following information for a user performing any action:

  • Time - The exact time an action took place
  • Team - Team of the user performing the action
  • Entity - Event category of the action taken
  • Activity - Description of the action
  • Action - Create/Update/Delete or Export action performed
  • Actor - Email ID of the user performing the action
  • IP - IP address of the user

Downloading Audit Logs

  1. To download audit logs, you need to navigate to Settings -> Account- >  Audit Logs
  2. Apply any filter for any particular event type, user, or date range (Optional)
  3. Click on “Export Audit Logs” on the right-hand side of the screen.

  4. You will receive a CSV file with the selected details on your email ID, with a confirmation message on your screen.



Audit logs are available for the last 90 days only.

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