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Alerts can be personalized in the content creation step of Alert creation by using {{}} to insert personalization tags. For example, if you want to personalize the first name, type firstname inside {{}} like {{firstname}} while creating the content of the Alert. You can pass the firstname attribute for the user inside the channel payload of the request as shown below.

Personalization during content creation

To add the first name of the user in the message being sent to the user, add the following during content creation.

Message Body

Hi {{firstname}}! 

Your order {{orderid}} has been placed successfully. 

Happy Shopping! 

Team MoEngage

Sample Payload with personalization

"payloads": {
        "SMS": {
            "recipient": "1234567890",
            "personalized_attributes": {
                "firstname": "John",
                "orderid": "#order HXY-12345-ZSDF"
        "EMAIL": {
            "recipient": "",
            "personalized_attributes": {
                "firstname": "John",
                "orderid": "#order HXY-12345-ZSDF"

The firstname and orderid need to be sent at the time when the request is triggered.

Personalized Alert as received by the customer

Alert SMS Received by User Alert Email Received by User
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