Support Issue Types and Priority

The MoEngage Support team is eager to assist you. To better serve you, we prioritize support tickets by their type and the tier of the customer's pricing plan.

Quick Assistance

  • Our help center is well-stocked with articles aimed to help you navigate our product and answer commonly asked questions. Click here to search for your topic of interest. For quick responses, refer to FAQs found in the help center menu's lower-left corner. For technical integration-related inquiries, refer to the following resources:

  • Our growth academy tutorials, MoEngage Growth Marketing Expert and MoEngage Analytics Expert, are structured to familiarize you with our product features. We suggest exploring these resources for product-related questions.
  • For specific product inquiries, use cases, or 'how-to' questions, and if a 'Customer Success Manager' (CSM) is assigned to your account, consider sending them an email directly. We prioritize technical issues within our support team over product questions that our help center articles might already cover. Therefore, we advise you to reach out to your CSM or refer to our Growth Academy Tutorials before submitting a support ticket.

Support Matrix: Issue Types and Priorities

Category-Sub Category Type of Issue Priority
Login/Sign-up Unable to login or access the MoEngage Dashboard (issue with Google, Single Sign On, or Two-factor authentication ) Urgent
Team members are unable to log in High
All Campaigns (Push, SMS, Email, In-App, Onsite Messaging, Cards, Whatsapp, FB, GA Audience, Connector)

Unable to create or publish a campaign Urgent
Facing errors in the campaign Urgent
Unable to pause/stop a Campaign High
Facing issues in campaign stats Normal
Queries regarding Impressions count mismatch
Facing rendering issues in campaign images or icons
Campaign Personalization/ Recommendations /Jinja queries Facing issues in Personalization, Personalized preview Normal
Queries regarding Jinja use cases or Jinja-related issues Low
Queries regarding Recommendations related usecases or issues Low
Flows Unable to create a Flow Urgent
Facing issues with user entry in Flows High
Inform Facing delays in sending Alerts Urgent
Facing issues in Alert Testing Normal
Facing issues in campaign stats Normal
SMS Queries regarding delivery callbacks or URL shortening Normal
Unable to configure Custom Domain Normal
Email Support for Email warmup plans Normal
Support for resubscribing or unsubscribing users Low
WhatsApp Support for WhatsApp and Vendor setup Normal
FB/ Google campaigns Unable to add or delete an audience Normal
Connector campaigns Unable to configure the connector Normal
Segmentation Unable to view segmentation Urgent
Facing issues in segmentation queries High
Unable to import users, events, or file segments High
Queries regarding segmentation count mismatch Normal
Other segmentation queries (value suggestion, RFM, Affinity segments, and so on) Normal
Data Facing issues in ingesting data through S2S API or SDK Urgent
Facing issues in user creation from data imports, delay in user imports, or event ingestion Normal
Unable to find users or events in custom segments Normal
Facing issues with encryption Low
Dashboard Settings Facing issues in creating custom roles, editing permissions Normal
Facing issues in setting or changing the app timezone, conversion goal, API, user attributes, and so on. Normal
Push (Android/ IOS SDK integration), SMS and Connectors, Email, Cards, WhatsApp, Preference management, Delivery controls Normal

Priority-Based Response Time

Our support team operates Monday to Friday, 24X5, across all priority issues as mentioned above. We provide 24X7 support only for issues under the Urgent category.

Priority Initial Response time
Urgent within 1 hour
High within 3 hours
Normal within 5 hours
Low within 1 business day



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