Support Issue Types and Priority

We from the MoEngage Support team are happy to help you out. Therefore it's imminent we prioritize the support tickets based on the actual type and thereby assign priority and the pricing plans our customers are on.

Here are some tips for you to help you solve your issues quickly even before raising a support ticket:

1. We have a plethora of help centre articles which we would like you to refer and gain understanding on the product and various instructions with the most common queries asked by our customers.

Click here and search for the topic that interests you and also refer to FAQs at the left bottom of our help centre menu.

For technical integration-related FAQs please check here.

2.If you do have specific product queries, use-cases or 'How to' queries and if you have a 'Customer Success Manager' to your account, please directly email your CSM.

Our support team always prioritizes core technical issues over product queries that may be already addressed in our help centre documentation. Therefore it's advisable you email your CSMs or refer to the next source mentioned in point 3 for getting acquainted with our product and not raise a ticket for the same.

3. Please go through our growth academy tutorials to be a MoEngage Growth Marketing Expert and MoEngage Analytics Expert.

Category of types of Issue and Priority Assigned

Category-Sub Category Type of Issue Priority
Push/SMS/Facebook Audience/Connectors Not able to publish campaign Urgent
  Sent Count is 0 Urgent 
  Impression Drop High
  Campaign Stats Discrepancy Normal
  Not rendering as expected Normal
Email Not able to publish campaign Urgent
  Campaign Stats or open rate low than expected Normal
  Emails landing in Spam High
  Emails not Rendering as expected Normal
DPM/Jinja queries The sent count is 0 due to personalization Failure Urgent

Product feeds failing

  Personalization errors more than usual Normal
  Jinja related issues or queries to set up use cases Normal
Inapps Not able to publish Campaign Urgent
  Zero Impressions or CTR High
  In-app not rendering as expected  Normal
OSM Not able to publish campaigns Urgent
  OSM banners are broken or not appearing as expected Normal
  OSM campaign performance dropped than usual High
Web-Push Not able to publish campaign Urgent
  Web push Impression drop High
  Multiple or no Web pish notification Normal
Integrations (Android,IOS, Web SDK and partner integrations) Android or IOS platform crash issue Urgent
  Integration or Implementation help Normal
  Uninstall/Install/Update calls not working as expected High
  Events or Attributes not being passed post-integration High
Segmentation Segmentation queries failing Urgent
  Import Users or custom segment uploads not working High
  Data discrepancy in Segmentation count Normal
Analytics All analytics dashboards not loading Urgent
  A discrepancy of data compared to other modules of MoEngage Normal
  Data population in Analytics not happening as expected High
Reports,S3,Streams,Big Query No reports being generated High
  Data discrepancy  Normal
  Help in Big Query and set up of S3 or Streams Normal
  Custom data fetch requests Low
Settings Configuration problem or errors High

Response time based on priority

Please note our support team operates Monday to Friday, 24X5 across all priority of issues as mentioned above.

We provide 24X7 support only for issues under the Urgent category

Priority Initial Response time
Urgent within 1 hour
High within 3 hours
Normal within 5 hours
Low within 1 business day
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