August 2022

New features

Campaign Automation

Multiple Conversion Goals

MoEngage allows the addition of conversion goals to a Flow. Marketers can add up to five conversion goals that are linked to user events that, when performed, would be reflective of the success of a flow. Revenue metrics can be attached to each goal and this can be used to track the revenue of the campaigns. Click here for more information.

Wait Till Node

MoEngage provides marketers the flexibility to configure the duration for which the user will wait in a specific stage in the flow before taking the next action. Marketers can choose specific time frames to move users to the next flow stages. Click here for more information.

Transacational Email Campaigns

MoEngage supports sending transactional email campaigns from the Dashboard. Transactional email campaigns were earlier supported using the Sendgrid API. With this feature, marketers can choose to configure a transactional email campaign as described here.

Push Templates

MoEngage has introduced two additional templates for Push Notifications - Timer Templates and Image Banner with Text Overlay Template. Timer Templates can be used to display the countdown for flash sales or sales/offers that are time bound. Marketers employ these options for higher customer engagement. Image banner templates can be used for adding the brand's logo and colors to the notification being sent. Click here for more information.

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