How to Find a User in MoEngage

Users are recognized in a system using identifiers such as a User ID or unique identifier generated and associated with them in the system. Users are categorized as logged-in/ registered users and anonymous users in MoEngage. For more information on these user types, refer to Users in MoEngage. We've enumerated the steps to be followed for finding logged-in and anonymous users in this article.

Steps to find a logged-in user

A user who logs into your app/website would have parameters such as Mobile Number, Email Address, or Custom Identifier- the ID (generated by the app). For each user, MoEngage also generates an identifier, the MoEngage ID. You can search for the user using any of these parameters.

To search using Mobile Number, Email address, ID, or MoEngage ID 

      1. Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard -> Segment-> Create Segment
      2. Type one of the parameters in the user search box and search.
        This search results in a list of users matching searched text with the parameters.
      3. Click the user you wish to view, and the user profile of the respective user is displayed. Note: Search by MoEngage ID is not supported for a user base below 10K.
      4. Admin and Managers can also leave instructions for their team members on how to look up their users, as shown

Steps to find anonymous users

Anonymous users typically have only the MoEngage ID. You can, however, search for them using the advertising identifiers or web push tokens depending on the platform on which the user is available. The steps to identify users on the Web, Android, and Mobile platforms are described below.

Android Users iOS Users Web Users


Ensure you have Google Advertising ID (GAID) enabled during integration for users who are not logged in.


You can use the GAID to identify any Android user who is not logged in. GAID of an Android device is available using the following:

  • Settings of the Android phone, or
  • Apps are available on the Google Play Store, which can provide the GAID of an Android device.
    For more information, refer to the Sample app.

Searching user with GAID

  1. Navigate to Segment -> Create Segment on the MoEngage Dashboard.
  2. Select the Filter users by option.
  3. Click the User property tab.
  4. From the event attribute drop-down list, select Google Advertising ID (Android).
  5. Copy and paste the GAID into the filter box.
  6. Click Show count.GAID_USer.gif
  7. From the Query result, click on the user to open the User Profile.GAID.png


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