Value Suggestions

Value Suggestions is a small but very useful feature for MoEngage dashboard users. Value suggestions are the exact values present in an event attribute or user attribute, which are shown to the users while creating segments or performing any analysis, so users do not have to remember long attribute names and can directly select the value from the suggested ones.

For example, when the user selects the campaign name as an event property, the MoEngage dashboard displays the list of campaigns. If the list is too long, type the value and shorten the suggested list.


Suggestions Criteria

  • Suggestions are provided for all attributes, except for date values which must be selected from drop-down menus. String and numeric values are eligible for suggestions, while boolean values offer a default selection dropdown for true or false.
  • For event attributes, data becomes available in the value suggestions one day after they are received. Similarly, for user attributes, data becomes available in the value suggestions two days after they are received.
  • Value suggestions are stored for a period of 60 days from the time of the last received data.
  • MoEngage runs value suggestions in the backend at 12:30 AM UTC / 6 am IST everyday and populates data from the previous day.
  • MoEngage does not show value suggestions for backdated events. Data must be available for the previous day at the time of calculation.
  • A maximum of 5,000 suggestions are generated for each attribute.
  • You can select a maximum of 1000 values to filter the attribute value.
    1000 values.png
    If you select more than 1000 values, you cannot continue the query. If you click Show count, an error message is displayed in the lower right corner.
    1000 error.png
  • If you select the condition "in the following", you can select multiple values. Use the Value suggestions checkbox to select multiple values. For example, if there are 5000 values, you can select the first 1000 values.
    VS checkbox.png
  • Click Select all to select all values. For example, if there are 5000 values, you can select the first 1000 values. Click Clear all to clear all the selected values.
    VS all.png
  • You can see all the results/suggestions (a maximum of 5000) as soon as you focus on the input field. Enter the first few characters of the value you wish to search and get the list of values. For example, you see many value suggestions when you enter "Bro":
    If the list is still long, enter more characters until you find your desired value. Continuing with the previous example, when you enter "Brooke", you will see an exact match in value suggestions:
  • When you enter comma-separated values, for example, "John, Harry":

    • They are listed as a single value "John, Harry" under a new category Freeform.
    • They are listed as separate values "John" and "Harry" under the Newly created category.
      VS freeform.png


      For comma-separated values, MoEngage does not show Value Suggestions.

  • When you paste a large number of comma-separated values, for example, 200 values:
    • You will see a single value under a new category Freeform.
    • You will see 200 separate values under the Newly created category.
  • For masked PII attributes, MoEngage does not show value suggestions even if you enter values that have matching suggestions. For example, if Email ID is a PII attribute and you enter an email ID in the input field, you will not see any value suggestions.
  • If you close the input box after selecting a few values, you can still search for new values. When you enter a new value, MoEngage searches for it from both Selected Items and Value Suggestions and shows the matching values and newly created values. If the value is an exact match, MoEngage does not show the Newly Created value.
    VS GIF2.gif

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