Value Suggestions

Value Suggestions is a small but very useful feature for MoEngage dashboard users. Value suggestions are the exact values present in an event attribute or user attribute, which are shown to the users while creating segments or performing any analysis, so users don't have to remember long attribute names and can directly select the value from the suggested ones.

Example - The user selects the campaign name as an event property, MoEngage dashboard displays the list of campaigns. If the list is too long, type the value and shorten the suggested list.


Suggestions Criteria

  1. Suggestions are provided for all attributes, except for date values which must be selected from dropdown menus. String and numeric values are eligible for suggestions, while boolean values offer a default selection dropdown for true or false.
  2. For event attributes, data becomes available in the value suggestions one day after they are received. Similarly, for user attributes, data becomes available in the value suggestions two days after they are received.
  3. Value suggestions are stored for a period of 60 days from the time of the last received data.
  4. A maximum of 5,000 suggestions are generated for each attribute.
  5. You can select up to 300 values to filter the attribute value. Additionally, you can filter the attribute values by selecting up to 300 values at a time.

If a user has selected the condition "In the following", she can select multiple values.

Users should see all the results/suggestions (up to 5000) as soon as they focus on the input field. Enter the first few characters of the value you wish to search and get the list of values. If the list is still long then enter more characters until you find your desired value.

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