Uninstall Tracking

How does MoEngage track Uninstalls? 

Uninstall Analytics provides the capability to track Uninstalls on a platform level. You can enable uninstall tracking for Android:

  • Revamped UI: Settings -> Analytics and Data Settings -> Uninstall tracking.
  • Old UI: Settings -> App Settings -> Uninstall Settings
Revamped UI Old UI



To track Uninstalls, we send silent push notifications daily to all devices associated with the users and capture the responses. We mark devices as uninstalled based on the explicit uninstall errors (Not Registered) FCM services.

For other error codes (that don’t explicitly indicate that the device is unregistered) we don’t mark the device as uninstalled, and we continue to send silent pushes to these devices. If these settings are not enabled on the dashboard, we will not proactively check for uninstalls by sending silent pushes. The failed delivery attempts of push campaign messages will still show up as uninstalls.

If you are handling pushes yourself, please ensure you are handling silent pushes as well before enabling this. If you observe blank notifications with no text or logo in your application, it is possible that some custom handling of push notifications and silent push is not handled by the application, in that case it is recommended to turn off uninstall tracking till your app has correctly handled it.




Uninstall tracking for iOS was deprecated from August 10th, 2023, following a significant adoption of iOS 15 and 16 versions, which do not support tracking of failed delivery attempts using silent push. However, failed delivery attempts of regular push campaign messages will still show up as uninstalls for iOS devices.

Can we determine when the user has uninstalled the device?

The date and time associated with the 'Device UnInstall' event on the user profile is the time we detected that the application has been uninstalled from the user's device and is not the time that the user had uninstalled the application. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to determine the actual time the App was uninstalled.

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