Using Recommendations in Push

This help doc article demonstrates how personalized recommendations can be integrated into your Push campaigns to deliver dynamic recommendations. In the Push channel, the content personalization is done using the Jinja templating language.

At MoEngage, creating a Push campaign is a three-step process.

  1. Target users
  2. Content
  3. Schedule and Goals

You can personalize the campaign with recommendations in the second step 'Content'. Let us create a personalized campaign with recommendations.



Ensure that you have created the desired recommendations. You can use only active recommendations for campaign personalization. Learn how to create and manage recommendations.

Create Push Campaigns with Recommendations

  1. Click Create Campaign and select the Push channel.
  2. Let us consider the 'Periodic' campaign in this article. But you can follow the same steps for any other push campaign type.
  3. Enter the basic campaign details and define the audience in step 1 'Target users' and click Next.

  4. In step 2, on the Content tab, select a template from the available options.
  5. On entering '@' in any text block, a personalization pop-up opens. Search the recommendation name under data personalization drop-down and click Done.

  6. It auto-populates some Jinja code retrieving all available items list from recommendations. You can modify the code for your use case. For example, the following is the modified code to display one item:
    {% if ProductSet.RealTimeAIRecommendations%}
    {% for product in ProductSet.RealTimeAIRecommendations[0:1]%}
    {% endfor %}
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}
  7. Enter the title, message, and summary as per the requirement. You can choose recommendations personalization or static textual content for different blocks.
  8. Similarly, define the image URL to personalize notification with the recommended product image.
  9. After you complete the setup, click Preview to ensure it appears as intended. 
  10. You can also deliver a test campaign to ensure end-to-end delivery before scheduling it for all users.
  11. After you complete the content setup with recommendations, click Next at the bottom and move to 'Schedule and Goals', which is the step 3 of campaign setup.
  12. Set up the appropriate settings in Schedule and Goals and publish the campaign.

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