Overview - Data

Data is any information that you wish to store, analyze and track. When you onboard with MoEngage, one of the first things to do would be to integrate your data into MoEngage through various options. This data typically consists of user attributes and events used to create segments and run analytics and campaigns.

Types of Data

      • User - User data contains information about the user and is available in the User Profile for any user in the system. For every user, the following information is available in MoEngage - MoEngage derived attributes or standard attributes and any custom user attributes that can be sent to MoEngage. MoEngage generates derived attributes based on user behavior. For more information, refer to User Profile and Derived User Attributes.
      • Device - A user can have multiple devices associated with them, and this is stored in MoEngage as Device Data. Device-specific attributes such as the advertising identifier (the unique user ID associated with a mobile device to help advertisers personalize their offerings) are available in the User Profile.
      • Event - An event is an occurrence tied to user behavior or action. For example, logging in, logging out, viewing a web page, adding an item to a cart, and so on. Event data contains information about such events. Events are classified as follows:
          • Derived Events - MoEngage generates a list of standard events based on user actions and behavior called derived events. For more information, refer to Derived Events.
          • Custom Events - You can define the events that are specific to your business and track them with MoEngage.
      • Auxiliary - Auxiliary data is temporary data that you can import to MoEngage. For more information, refer to Auxiliary Data.

Data Operations

The following operations can be performed with Data:

      • Create and Update - Data can be created and updated in MoEngage using the following:
        Type SDK S2S APIs and Bulk Upload APIs File Imports (CSV, S3, and SFTP) Partner Integrations (CDPs and CRMs)

        Create, Update

        Create, Update Create, Update Create, Update

        Create, Update

        Not Supported Not Supported Not Supported
        Event Create Create Create Create
      • Delete - Data can be deleted from MoEngage using the GDPR/CCPA API. For more information, refer to Erase API.

Data Management

MoEngage equips you with a Data Management Dashboard to help you manage your data effectively. You can:

      • Block or hide unnecessary events, event attributes, and user attributes
      • View all the event and user attributes integrated with MoEngage
      • Add meaningful display names for attributes (event and user) to help your marketers understand their purpose
      • Specify allowed data types for attributes - this will help show the relevant operators pertaining to the permitted data types during segmentation and analytics.

For more information, refer to Data Management.

Data Exports

All user events and campaign events that have been received or generated by MoEngage can be exported to Partner tools using:

The exported data can be analyzed further to glean insights into user behavior, preferences, and what have you. 


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