September 2023

Outbound Channels

Merlin AI for Push Messages

You can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate push notifications in MoEngage with the Merlin AI. 


  • Performance-Driven Optimization: Continual learning from past campaigns to maximize future results. It tells marketers which keywords performed well in the past and which did not.
  • Context Aware: Understands the audience, tailoring content that resonates. The messages can be customized based on the campaign use case, target audience, and exploration with different messaging styles.
  • Instills Emotions: Emotionally engaging content can be highly effective in capturing the attention of the audience and driving conversions. You can generate or experiment with messages in different tones.
  • Seamless Integration: Directly ties with MoEngage’s campaign builder, ensuring a smooth user experience along with the option to analyze keywords.
  • Easy-to-use prompt builder saves time: You do not have to engineer prompts. Provide filters or inputs to generate the message with the prompt builder.
  • Quick A/B test variants: Generate new copy variations with a single click and test ideas.

For more information, refer to Generating Push Messages with Merlin AI.

Delivery Statistics for Promotional SMS Campaign

In this release, MoEngage supports viewing delivery stats for the promotional SMS campaigns that were executed on MoEngage, similar to transactional campaigns. This applies to all types of campaigns and will improve the way SMS campaign metrics are calculated. Previously, the click-through rate (CTR) calculation was based on the number of SMSs sent. It will now be more accurate as MoEngage will factor in the number of SMSs delivered instead.

Introducing Campaign ID as a Standard Attribute

In this release, MoEngage introduces Moesms_campaignId as a standard attribute, which helps to generate campaign-level data. For example, you can understand the number of messages sent from each campaign or the number of users who received messages from a specific campaign. This attribute helps SMS service providers to bill a customer based on the number of messages sent from a campaign. For more information, refer to Configure Custom Connector (Service Provider).

Inbound Channels

Self Handled Cards for React Native and Flutter

In this release, MoEngage introduces the support for self-handled cards in React Native and Flutter SDKs. You can personalize your App and engage your customers with personalized and non-intrusive communication in React Native and Flutter environments. For more information, refer to Self Handled Cards.

Delay in In-app Visibility

In this release, MoEngage introduces After Delay as an option for In-app messages that lets you specify when the pop-ups show up. This feature allows you the flexibility of showing In-app messages right away during the loading of screens or waiting for a specified time period before showing them. With Delayed In-App Visibility, you ensure your pop-ups are seamlessly integrated into the user experience, making for happier, more engaged users.


Embedding Analytics in Campaigns

In this release, funnels and retention cars are embedded in campaign analytics to help you dive straight into Conversion and Retention metrics on your campaign analytics page. You can empower your team to make data-driven decisions by redirecting to Funnel and Retention Analytics in one click.

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