Data Centers in MoEngage

MoEngage maintains multiple data centers and you will be part of a specific data center when you sign up with us. Based on the data center the dashboard access URL, SDK, and REST API endpoints are provided to you.

Before sign-up, you can consult with your MoEngage Onboarding Manager to understand what Data Center will be suitable for your needs.

Once you have signed up, you can identify your Data Center from the dashboard URL.

You can also write to us at to know more about different MoEngage data centers.

List of Data Centers

The following table describes the data center name, data center URL, and the REST API hostname associated with the data center.

Data Center Name Dashboard URL REST API Host

Significance of having different data centers

Hosting multiple instances of our application and distributing the signups across multiple data centers helps us optimize our services by distributing the amount of data that is present in each data center. In addition to this, at times there are compliance requirements to host all of your user data in a specific geography.

You can only sign up for your MoEngage account in any one of the data centers and all of the user data that you track with MoEngage will be saved in the same data center.

Signing up for region-specific data centers

When you are signing up with MoEngage, you can choose to sign up with any one of our data centers.

It is recommended to let MoEngage select a data center for you if there are no specific requirements around saving data in specific geographies so that we can provide optimized services to you throughout your engagement with us.

If you have some data privacy requirements which need you to save your user's data in a specific geographical region, please signup as per the below recommendations:

  • If you need to save all of your user data in the US region, please sign-up with DC-01.
  • If you need to save all of your user data in the EU region, please sign-up with DC-02.
  • If you need to save all of your user data in the India region, please sign-up with DC-03.

If there are no requirements to save your user's data in a specific region then signing up with any data center has no impact at all. All our data centers are identical and support similar functionalities, SLAs, and latencies.

Re-direction of data to different data centers from SDK

When you use MoEngage SDK for tracking your mobile app/website user data, integrate as per your data center and the corresponding integration steps as mentioned in the SDK documentation below - 

Android | iOS | Web

The below table lists the mapping between the different data centers, dashboard URLs, and the data center keys that need to be passed while integrating the respective SDKs.

Data Center Dashboard URL Android / iOS Web
Data Center 1 DATA_CENTER_01 DC_1
Data Center 2 DATA_CENTER_02 DC_2
Data Center 3 DATA_CENTER_03 DC_3

Identifying the REST API Endpoint for your data center

When you send data to MoEngage through our REST APIs, you need to use the API Endpoints as per the below table -

Data Center Dashboard URL REST API Host
Data Center 1
Data Center 2
Data Center 3

Legacy dashboard endpoints

In the following table, you will see the new dashboard URL and the old dashboard URL.

Data Center Old Dashboard URL Current Dashboard URL
Data Center 1
Data Center 2
Data Center 3


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