User Data Exports

On the MoEngage dashboard, you can export user attributes. Filter the desired user segment and export user attributes.

For example:

    1. Export the Email Id of users, who were engaged but uninstalled and run re-engagement campaigns on Facebook.
    2. Export phone numbers of inactive users and send them an SMS to reactivate them.

Run Export

    1. Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Segment
    2. Build and run a query for the segment you wish to export. The query is displayed in the Query Results section.
    3. In the Query Results section, click on a specific query and then click the Export Users button.
    4. Provide the file name and select the user attributes you wish to extract. Your Email ID is preselected.
    5. Click on the Export button.


  1. The export of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) marked user attributes restricted on the MoEngage dashboard. Know more.
  2. User Data Exports Fair Usage Limits
    The number of data points (number of rows x number of columns) that can be exported is up to 20 million, beyond which the export has a high chance of failure. For example,  exports could be a. 20 million rows with 1 column or b. 4 million rows with 5 columns, or c. 1 million rows with 20 columns
    To change these limits, contact your CSM.

Export Security

User export is a private export service. Users with access to the MoEngage dashboard can access the export file, provided the user is logged in to the designated account. The export is NOT available to users not logged in to the MoEngage dashboard, or not logged in to the designated account.

User export email and link to download the file is sent only to the email address of the user generating the export. Other dashboard users can access this file from the MoEngage dashboard on the Data Export page in the User Export tab.

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