Exit Intent Notification using Device Triggers

Bring back users as soon as they abandon your app

Marketers can create exit intent notifications, such as sending a notification to users as soon as they exit the app. These exit notifications are sent using device triggers. We recommend reading about device triggers and how they work as a first step before delving into exit intent notifications.

Working Offline

Serve messages even when devices are offline. Makes a great case for Fitness or Gaming apps. In the example below, we are creating an Exit Intent notification for All users available on the Android platform.

Step 1: Decide on your target audience and platform


Step 2: Set up the MOE_APP_EXIT as the Trigger event


Step 3: Set up the message for the targeted platform


Step 4: Configure conversion goals and delivery controls

In Delivery control, ensure that you check the Send message in offline mode if you wish to serve the Exit Intent notifications even when your users are offline.


Once you are done configuring the campaign, click on Create campaign to go live. Happy Engaging!

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