Reinstall Tracking

Many times, it is important for you to know the users who have reinstalled the app so that you can treat them separately in your user flows and other marketing segments and communications.

We have seen a lot of our users give out first purchase discount coupons and because of the inability to differentiate between Install and Re-install, the onboarding / first purchase campaigns are sent to the same user after every reinstall by the user. To prevent this from happening, we now allow our users to track reinstalls for their users which makes their first purchase / activation campaigns more effective.

MoEngage tracks the reinstalls happening on your iOS and Android apps.

Reinstall Tracking on iOS

Reinstall Tracking on iOS is enabled by default for all apps.

MoEngage iOS SDK can detect when a reinstall happens on any specific device for a particular app basis two distinct anonymous ids that are saved locally on the device and changed when a reinstall happens. When a reinstall is detected, MoEngage iOS SDK will track an event - "REINSTALL" and this can be used to exclude users who reinstalled the app from your campaigns.

Reinstall Tracking on Android

Reinstall Tracking on Android is slightly different and may not be completely accurate. Nevertheless, we selectively allow our users to track reinstalls for their android app users. Please reach out to your customer success manager to get this enabled for your account.

How do we track reinstalls on Android?

For tracking reinstalls on Android, we depend on Google Advertising Id, unique_id which is saved locally by the SDK and push token (FCM token) which changes on every reinstall. By observing and detecting a change in the push token and unique_id saved by the SDK, we are able to predict if a user has reinstalled the app.

Please note that reinstalls can only be tracked upto 60 days. Meaning, if a user reinstalls the app after 60 days for uninstall, we would not be able to identify a reinstall.


How to use this in campaigns?

Every time a reinstall is detected, we track an event - REINSTALL and user attribute - Device Reinstall = true in the user profiles.



1. If a user clears data on device and push_id is also changed - In this case we will treat it as a case of “reinstall” instead of “data cleared on existing device”

2. If a user uninstalls the app, resets Google Advertising Id and installs the app again, we will treat it as a new install.

3. If you have opted out of GAID tracking (Google Advertising Id), reinstall tracking will not work for you.

4. If the push token changes without user uninstalling the app and the user logs out of the app at the same time, we may end up detecting this user as a reinstall.


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