How to Analyze web activity

The MoEngage Web SDK (Javascript API) enables you to track all user activity across your website (both desktop and mobile). It seamlessly maps user activity across your app and website to a unique user profile. As a result, you can easily review user behavior on your website and target users across multiple channels effectively.

For more information about tracking events and user attributes, refer to Track website events and Track web user attributes.


To get the best data from your web integration, your technical team should ensure the following:

      1. If you have already integrated our mobile SDKs (Android and iOS), you should use the same user attribute and event names across your App and Web tracking.
      2. If you have an identifier to uniquely identify your user, you should track this user attribute as mentioned here. This will enable the merging of users based on this identifier across all platforms.

How to see user activity on the Dashboard?

Once this integration is complete, you can start seeing user activity under the Recent Events page.

      1. Navigate to the Test & Debug section and click on Recent Events in the sidebar of your MoEngage Dashboard.
      2. You can run segmentation queries on the events you have tracked on your website.
      3. To see the recent events for web users, add an event attribute - "Platform" is "WEB", as shown below.Filter01.png


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