Global Control Group


A global control group is a list of users who will not receive any of the marketing campaigns. You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by comparing this group with the target group of users who receive your campaigns.

Steps to create a global control group 

1. Navigate to Settings >> Control Groups.

2. Click Enable to start using the Global Control Group. Screenshot_2020-12-04_at_10.08.30_AM.png

3. You can create control groups in two ways:


a) Random Allocation - You can assign up a fixed percentage of all your users to the control group.




  • When a global control group is created, it is created from all the users who are a part of the app at that time. For example- If a group with 10% users is created, 1 in every 10 users will be a part of this control group. 
  • The user allocation to the control group is completely random. 
  • New users that are added to the app after the control group creation will be allocated to the control group based on the percentage configured. For example, if a group with 10% users was created, 1 in every 10 new users will be a part of the control group. 

b) Uploading user list - You can upload a CSV file with a list of user ids to create a control group. All the users in the list will automatically be added to the control group.  Screenshot_2020-12-04_at_8.39.39_AM.png

4. You can choose to apply the Control Group to scheduled or upcoming periodic campaigns and flows by checking the box 'Apply Global Control Groups to all existing campaigns.

5. You can choose to allow marketers to decide during campaign creation whether they want to send out campaigns to the control group users, by checking the box 'Allow marketers to send campaigns to these users. This is particularly useful in the case of sending transaction communications or important messages such as mandatory app updates. Screenshot_2020-12-04_at_8.40.19_AM.png

5. Once created, the system may take up to 24 hours to enable your global control group. You will be notified as soon as your control group is ready for use. 

6. On the Settings >> Control Groups, you will be able to see the control group details along with options to Edit, Download Users, and Delete. Screenshot_2020-12-04_at_8.42.24_AM.png

Add Global Control Group to the Campaign

By default, the global control group is enabled for all the campaigns i.e. the users in the control group will not receive the campaigns. But, you can turn it off on step 1 of the campaign creation (only if your admin has allowed it in the control group settings). Screenshot_2020-12-04_at_8.52.35_AM.png

Analyze performance 

Analyze at a campaign level 

You can analyze the performance of your campaigns with Global Control Groups on the campaign analytics page. The stats are shown only for the control group of qualified users for a campaign. 


What is 'control group qualified users for a campaign'?

  • Global control group users: Users that are added to the global exclusion list in settings
  • Campaign qualified users: Users that satisfy the segment conditions

So, Control group qualified users for a campaign are the users that belong to both these sets Global control group users and Campaign qualified users.




If the campaign or flow qualifies a very small user base, there may be a condition, that no user from the qualified user base is a part of the Control Group. In that case, we will not showcase the control group stats for that campaign.

Screenshot_2020-12-08_at_5.17.30_PM.pngAnalyze across all campaigns

When a user is added to a control group, MoEngage raises an event "User added to control group" with an attribute Control Group type as Global/Campaign. You can use these to create your dashboards using MoEngage Analytics. Click here to know more about MoEngage Analytics.  

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