Conversion Attribution in Flows

What is an Attribution Window?

An attribution widow is the time period that is calculated since the user last engaged with a communication from the flow, that is, viewing a communication.

For a specific user trip in the flow, the attribution window starts when the customer gets engaged by an action campaign and ends when the defined attribution window gets over from the action campaign that the customer engaged with finally.

In the following example, Track above goal for is set as 36 hours. This is the attribution window for the flow.

exit on conversion.png

How Does MoEngage Attribute Conversion to Flows?

By default MoEngage attributes users doing the defined goal event within the attribution window from the time the user saw the communication as "Conversions".

You can choose any event tracked in MoEngage as a conversion goal activity and set more than one conversion goal in a flow. The first goal will be treated as a primary goal. For example, if you want to track the number of customers who have purchased an iPhone after your campaign was sent. Your conversion goal setup might look as it is shown in the previous image.

The flow conversions will be the share of the unique user entries that performed the conversion goal within the attribution window after viewing/engaging any of the Flow Action campaign messages during their flow trip. All conversions attributed to flows will be influenced by at least one of the Action campaigns of the flow, and all conversions of the Action campaigns will be attributed to flows.



When the Exit on conversion toggle is on, MoEngage forcefully exits users from the flow as soon as they convert with the primary conversion goal. The number of users who have been forcefully exited is also available at every stage. In the case shown in the following image, 4 users have been forcefully exited from the flow at the last stage because their primary conversion goal has been achieved and the Exit on conversion toggle was on.



Assuming that the following flow is configured with the event "Product Purchased" as the conversion goal for the flow and the attribution window is set as 2 hours. The "Has Received push" condition is evaluated for 2 hours.  


Scenario 1

The user enters the flow at 1:00 PM on Day D1, but the message is not delivered until 3:01 PM for some reason. Hence the user is sent the Push 2 campaign at 3:02 and then exits the flow by 3:03 PM. Eventually, both messages are delivered at 3:10 PM. The user purchases a product at 4:15 PM. 

Now, both the Action campaign's conversion and conversion event will increase by 1 each. Also the Flow Converted Trips will increase by 1 and the flow conversions will increase by 1. This is because the attribution window for both the Push campaigns were until 5:10 PM and the user did the goal event within this period.

Scenario 2

The user enters the flow at 1:00 PM on Day D1, but the message is not delivered till 3:01 PM for some reason. Hence the user is sent the Push 2 campaign at 3:02 and then exits the flow by 3:03 PM. Eventually, Push 1 and Push 2 are delivered at 3:10 PM and 4:00 PM respectively. The user purchases a product at 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM.

Now, the Conversion and Flow Converted Trips of Push 2 will increase by 1, while Push 1 Conversion will not be increased. This is because the user converted time is outside of the attribution window for Push 1, but is within the attribution window of Push 2. Flow Conversions and the conversion event metric of Push 2 will be incremented by 2 because the user did conversion event 2 times within the attribution window.

Types of Attribution

There are three types of attributions for every conversion goal, and they are:

View through Click through In session

View through attribution refers to the users whose conversions are attributed to their having completed the goal after having viewed a campaign such as Push, Email, SMS.

In the following image, there are 16 conversions that are attributed to the view through attribution type because out of the 17 users who have entered this flow, 16 have seen and converted.

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