Teams in MoEngage

MoEngage now supports multiple team management for an App. Teams can be defined as a group of MoEngage users using Moengage’s dashboard who collaborate on the same campaigns. These users can be from the same geography or from the same vertical within the enterprise.


Creation of a new Team

Team members with the admin roles are only allowed to create/edit/delete a team. Such members would see an option to create new teams when they click on the teams drop down on the team management page as seen in the image below. 


Teams can be created for both Test and Live environments however, Admins would have to switch to the environment of choice prior to creating a new team. 

There are no restrictions on the number of teams an App on MoEngage can have. By default, the option to have multiple teams is disabled, when enabled all the existing campaigns and users will become part of one team which will have the same name as that of the App, other teams can be added later on. This default team cannot be deleted or edited.


Adding Users to a Team

Existing team members or Admins can invite any user to a team. Users can be part of multiple teams if required but will have the same role permissions across all the teams they are part of. Each team can have users with all the possible roles, to understand different access roles, please click here

Once a team is created, users can be added to the team in the following two ways

  1. Adding a user that is already part of another team. 
  2. Adding a user that is not part of any team. 

The option to add team members is available on the team management section. To read more about user invitation click here. 



Admins are part of all the teams created for an App. Apps can also have multiple Admins, although only current Admins have permission to invite new admins.

Managing Team Members within a Team 

Users part of multiple teams can switch between their teams from the teams dropdown on the team management section on the dashboard. Each team's view will enlist the team members of that team only. 

Team members can edit the role of team members with the same role as them or below. The user role change will be applicable to all the teams they are part of, for the App. 

Each user's access to the team can be removed by a user with the same or superior role than theirs. This can be done by clicking on thismceclip1.png icon. When removed the user will lose access to the that team's dashboard but will continue to have access to other team's dashboard they are part of. If the user is part of only one team he will lose his access to the App altogether.

This is in addition to the option of revoking a user's access to the app, where the user will lose access to all the teams he is part of, for that App. 


Campaign Creation and Campaign Visibility for Team Members


Every team member can create campaigns only for the teams they are part of. Team members who are part of multiple teams would have to select the team they want to create the campaign for as the mandatory first step in the campaign creation process. The team selection step is as seen below



Team members will only be able to see the campaigns that were created for their Team either by themselves or by any other team members.

Team members that are part of multiple teams or admins who are part of all the teams will see campaigns from all the teams they are part of on the "All Campaigns" section on the dashboard. Team members can choose to filter the campaigns using the team dropdown filter available at the top of the page, as depicted in the image below. Same is applicable for campaign drafts as well.




  1. Teams feature is currently under closed beta and control campaign creation control and visibility only for Push & Email campaigns. If you would want to use this feature, please reach out to us at
  2. Existing campaigns and team members will be moved to the default team when the teams feature is enabled for an App. 
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