Personalization of OSM Content

You can personalize the content of the OSM campaign. Use @ to personalize the content or image.

You can personalize the content using User Attributes, User Events, Product Sets, Content APIs and Content Blocks.

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Do the following:

  1. In step 2 of campaign creation, on the Create View tab, click on the text box or the image property URL.
  2. Type @ to personalize the content.
  3. Click either Data personalization or Content Block.
  4. Click the Data personalization tab and from the drop-down, select one of the following
    1. User Attributes
    2. Select one of the following as for alternate (Fallback) to the personalization:

      • No Fallback
        Choose the option for personalized content. The option results in no alternates when the personalization does not work.
      • Do not send In-App
        Choose the option where if the personalization does not work, In-App messages are not sent.
      • Replace Text
        Type or paste the text used when the personalization does not work.
    3. Product Sets
    4. Content API
      1. Modify the values of the parameters of the Content API.
  5. Click the Content Block
    1. Select the content block to be inserted
    2. Click Insert only the content of the content block.


      When the option is selected

      • Only the content is inserted
      • The content is disconnected from the content block
      • Any content update in the content block is not reflected in the inserted content.
  6. Click Done.

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