How to Remind users to update App

App updates aim at improving the user experience, may contain critical fixes or compliance-related changes, and have a lot of new features. Not all users update their apps and may require a nudge to do so. 

Steps for sending reminders for updating app

We've enumerated the steps to be followed to send a reminder to users to update their app to its latest version in this article.

Custom Segment Creation

      1. Create a segment targeting your users with the current App Version (in the example below, we've assumed that the current app version is 3.9). Save the custom segment as "segment_latest_version".Filter02.png
      2. Create another segment that targets all your users and exclude the custom segment "segment_latest_version". Save another custom segment as " segment_update_app".Filter03.png

Send Campaign

You can now send an App Version Update campaign to this custom segment "segment_update_app" and remind users to update the app. To send campaigns, refer to the following articles:

      1. Create a Push Campaign
      2. Create an SMS Campaign
      3. Create an Email Campaign

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