Content blocks

Content blocks allow marketers to reuse the same content across multiple campaigns. For example, a block might be a repeatedly used header, footer, or designed call-to-action button.

With content blocks, marketers can:

  • Create consistent campaigns using content blocks as headers, footers, or any other asset 
  • Create pre-defined assets that can be used across multiple campaigns irrespective of the channel and campaign type 
  • Edit multiple campaigns at the same time by simply updating the content block

Steps to create a content block 

1. Navigate to Content >> Content block in the sidebar


2. Click on Create content block in the top right corner. Screenshot_2022-01-04_at_3.09.59_PM.png


3. On the create content block page, provide the content block name. This name will be used to add the content block in a campaign, template, or another content block. It can contain alphabets, numbers, and underscores.

4. Add a description that clarifies what the content block is and where it should be used.

5. Add tags (you can use your existing campaign tags also) to add more context to the content block. 

6. Select the type as HTML or Text depending upon your use cases. For example- For a coupon code (without styling) you can use a text type, while for an email header/footer you can use an HTML type.



HTML content blocks are supported only in Emails, while text-based content blocks are supported in all campaign channels.

7. Click Publish or Save as a draft. 

Using content blocks 

You can use your content blocks in two ways - 

1. Selecting the desired content block while creating a campaign

  • While creating content, press "@".
  • A pop-up will open that will have two tabs: Personalisation and Content blocks.
  • Navigate to the Content Blocks tab.


Select the desired content block from the drop-down and click on Done to insert the Content                Block.

You can also insert only the content of the content block using the following toggle.


This means that only the content will be inserted while detaching itself from the existing content block and any future updates will not be reflected.



  • Content Blocks support only user personalization and do not support event personalization. Thus, event attributes, Content APIs, and Product Sets cannot be added to Content Blocks.
  • Content Blocks are not supported in the Inbox preview in email campaigns.
  • URLs that are added in content blocks and used in SMS cannot be tracked.
  • Archival of content blocks that are being used in active Trigger and Periodic campaigns is not possible as there is no option to stop these active campaigns. The content blocks can be archived only post the expiry of such campaigns. 

  2. Directly insert the block label of your content block

    a. Copy the Block label from your Content Block page.

    b. Paste the Block label into the campaign/template/another content block. 

Supported Channels

Content Blocks can be added to the campaigns sent using the following channels:

Managing content blocks 

You can manage all your content blocks by navigating to Content >> Content blocks 




  • You can search content blocks by block name or block label.
  • You can switch between the list view and the grid view.
  • You can filter content blocks using type, teams, tags, status, and updated by.

View content block 

To preview a content block, click on the three dots at the end of the row in the listing and click on View. You can also click anywhere in the content-block's search listing to view the information about the content block. The View gives a summary of the selected content block - the thumbnail, created by, tags, and the usage.


Update content block

If you want to update a content block, it will update all the campaigns, templates, and other content blocks, where it has been used. 


Nested content blocks 

You can also nest content blocks. This means that you can use content block A in another content block B. 



If there is a cyclic loop, you will not be able to create or update a content block.

Deleting content blocks 

A content block can only be deleted, if it is not used in any of the active campaigns.  


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