Validating Android Integration

Once the developer realize that their integration of MoEngage Android SDK is over, they can validate their MoEngage Android SDK integration. To validate, go to Integration Validation from the left menu or click here. Before starting please note that:

- Integration Validation feature is available only for Android from SDK version 7.7.00 onwards.

- Test build should be validated in TEST Environment (on MoEngage Dashboard) and signed/prod build to be validated on LIVE Environment (on MoEngage Dashboard). 

In the validation process,

Step 1: First you can verify the Manifest Configuration by uploading your App's APK (Android Package Kit) followed by Clicking Upload & Verify. Here we verify two key things:

1. If the correct App Id is being used - If your app Id is wrong, once you go live you might be sending your TEST data to LIVE and vice versa.

2. If there is a multiple receiver implementation - If there are multiple receivers for your Impression broadcast, MoEngage system won't be able to track impressions for 100% of the users.

If both are correct, you will see something like:


Step 2: It requires you to temporarily register your device as test device so that we can validate your push implementation and Data Flow. Device registration can be simply done by scanning the QR code provided.

Note: Once a device is registered as test device, the data sent from the device goes to a temporary collection of MoEngage which is purged after an hour. This data won't be visible in your MoEngage account.


On successful registration, you will see information of the device registered. 


Once registered, click on Next.

Step 3:  In here, you can verify your push implementation. Click on Test Push. 

Once clicked, you will see the following:


On your device, you will receive a notification like this. 


Click on notification and then go to Phone's Home Screen to check if Click event is being tracked or not.

Here we are verifying:

1. Push Token Successfully Generated - Whether the device was successfully registered with GCM and push token was generated

2. Push Configuration added on MoEngage Dashboard - Whether the Sender settings have been added/updated

3. Push Notification Successfully Sent - Whether we were able to successfully send the push notification to the device registered as Test

4. Push Notification Received - Whether we were able to successfully receive the impression event from the device once the push is sent

5. Push Notification Clicked - Whether the click event is properly received once the user clicks on the received notification

Step 4: In here we track the data that is sent from your app to MoEngage system. We specifically verify if your,

  1. activity lifecycle callbacks are added,
  2. unique id is being tracked
  3. user events and
  4. attribute data is being sent

You shall be able to see the status as below along with cues on how to resolve if one of them is not working.









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