2-way conversations

You can engage your users in 2-way conversations using MoEngage and its Partner Integrations. With 2-way conversations, you can:

  1. Reply to customer messages via structured chat-bot flows
  2. Reply to customer messages by routing them to agent conversations

How it works?

  1. Create a chatbot or configure agent chats for WhatsApp on Infobip or Gupshup. For more information on integrating Infobip or Gupshup with MoEngage, refer to Infobip and Gupshup
  2. Send a WhatsApp campaign to your users using Infobip or Gupshup as the sender. 
  3. Configure the 2-way conversations based on the user's response. 
  4. You can end the campaign if the customer does not respond to the message. 


Handling 2-way conversations with Infobip: 


To know more, you can refer to:

  • Answers: Answers is a chatbot-building platform that allows you to build, test, and deploy highly customized chatbots of different types.
  • Conversations: Conversations is Infobip's Cloud Contact Center Solution (CCaaS). It allows you to engage in conversations with your customers over some of the most popular channels. 


Handling 2-way conversations with Gupshup: 


To know more, you can refer to:

  • Conversational AI: You can build intelligent chatbots and deploy them on any messaging channel. 
  • Agent Assist: You can address customer queries across the channels that are preferred by your customers. 

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