Email Reachability

Email reachability provides the number of reachable users via Email channel in a segment. Email reachability number is required to decide whether to choose Email channel for sending a campaign if your goal is to reach users via the best-performing channel.

This article explains how the reachability of Email channel is derived. This article also lists the parameters considered to calculate reachability for users reachable via Email. There is a list of reasons why the users could not be reachable via Email channel and potential solutions to convert the non-reachable users to reachable users.

User reachability - Email Campaign

Email campaign will allow to reach users via emails and the reachable users count will be the number of users that are eligible to receive emails on their registered email ID.

Reachability by Channel.gif

How is user reachability calculated for Email campaigns?

The given parameters derive email reachability - 

    1. User email should exist
    2. User property Hard Bounce should be false
    3. User property Spam should be false
    4. User property Unsubscribe should be false
    5. User email contains '@' 

Email campaign considers all of the above-mentioned parameters for email reachability.
Segmentation and User profile consider the first four parameters to calculate email reachability.

For all users by default Hard Bounce, Spam, and Unsubscribe are false. If a user unsubscribes from an email or marks any email as spam, then Unsubscribe and Spam are updated as true, respectively. If the user's email is bounced, then Hard Bounce is updated as true. You can see this in the user info page of the user profile (as shown below).

Email attributes in user info.gif

How to analyze and find reasons for users' non-reachability?

Step 1: Go to Analyse and select "Users" to do the user analysis

Step 2: Select the 3 user attributes in the User Properties section (Unsubscribe, SPAM, and Hard Bounce)

Step 3: Below in the User Analysis Options select Analysis type as "Distribution" and click Apply button

Step 4: Analyse the generated graph and look at the reasons for non-reachability for the Email channel along with the distribution count

email reachability 1.gif

Potential solutions to solve users' non-reachability problems

Non-reachability reasons What could be a potential solution to solve this?


Denotes if the user has unsubscribed to the email

These users are considered non-reachable via email channel

1. Target these users who are not reachable, via other channels like In-app, SMS, WhatsApp, Push, etc. Use campaign content wisely so that the outcome of the campaign is these users subscribing again. Provide a CTA to the landing page for subscribing again.

2. Diversify your content strategy so that the customers don't feel your only intention is to make them subscribe or unmark as SPAM. Experiment with educational content, FOMO content, nostalgic content, etc.


Denotes if the user has reported email as SPAM

These users are considered non-reachable via email channel

Hard Bounce

Denotes if the email to the user has hard bounced because of email being wrong or a technical issue with email sender

These users are considered non-reachable via email channel

You can create a segment of these users and run a campaign using similar channels as above. Here, using the CTA you can redirect them to their user profile on your app or a landing page and ask them to input their email ID correctly.

Note: Above solutions are some of the potential solutions, which may or may not result in the expected result/success.


If you want to make all the email unsubscribed users subscribe back to receive emails, you can do it in this way:

Step 1: Select the reason on the pie chart, for example: unsubscribe in the below example

Step 2: Create a segment or take action by choosing a Specific channel and Delivery type to target the email unsubscribed users

Step 3: Configure the content in the campaigns page

email reachability 2.gif

Similarly, you can target users for other reasons who are not reachable through the Email channel.

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