Understanding Google Ads Audience App

MoEngage uses its Google Ads Audience app to enable single-click login to the Google Ads account of the client. This app will be used to gain access to the user's customer match audience only, and no other data, like ads, analytics, etc., will be modified or accessed. 

App Identity

The MoEngage app helps clients to sync user cohorts of known users, which can be segmented based on their behavior on the client app. MoEngage allows this process to be periodic, based on a user event, so the client does not need to manually upload audiences.

What does this app do with user data?

The app will fetch only the custom audiences that are present in the client's Google Ads account. The app is not going to store or edit any data. It will only help add audiences or delete customers from an existing audience.

How does this app enhance user functionality?

The app allows users to sync audiences without worrying about manually uploading the file into the Google Ads center. This will be available to all users of MoEngage.

Describe the context, content, or connection to the app:

MoEngage is a customer engagement platform that helps clients effectively engage with their app's customers. This helps marketers have an omnichannel marketing strategy that drives better engagement and ROI.

Link to Privacy Policy: https://www.moengage.com/privacy-policy/

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