Event Triggered Flows
  1. How do users enter Event Trigger Flows?

    MoEngage checks each time a user matches the IF condition stated in the Trigger condition to confirm whether they belong to the Target Audience. Users who are part of the Target Audience proceed to the next step of the evaluation process based on the other conditions outlined in the Flow only if they meet those conditions.

    Thus, it is essential that a user falls under the Target Audience category during the time they meet the entry criteria. If not, they must satisfy the same conditions after becoming a part of the Target Audience to enter the flow.

    Moreover, users can re-enter the flow only if they don't belong to the active trips for the same flow and meet all the conditions outlined in it. You can also set a limit on the number of entries to control the number of times users can enter the flow. Specify the desired limit in the second step of the Flow Creation process under the When users enter the flowsection.

  2. When do we check if the user is part of the Target Audience in an Event Triggered Flow?

    MoEngage checks if the user is a part of the Target Audience when the trigger event is executed. Thus for a user to enter the flow, they should be part of the Target Audience before the trigger event is executed.

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