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Marketing emails essentially see users unsubscribing, and MoEngage ensures that no further emails are initiated to these users. The way the unsubscribe link is inserted and MoEngage tracks unsubscribes depends on the SMTP Connector.

Mandrill / Sendgrid Unsubscribe Tracking

If you are using SendGrid or Mandrill for unsubscribing tracking, you can go to their respective documentation - SendGrid, and Mandrill. We will receive unsubscribe information directly from SendGrid and Mandrill.

Amazon SES / Custom SMTP Connectors

For Amazon SES and other SMTP connectors, we have an unsubscribe tracking mechanism where we can get this information and restrict any further emails to unsubscribed users. Follow the below steps to implement unsubscribe tracking:

  1. Download this Email Unsubscribe HTML template 
  2. You can make your brand-related and any other additions to this template.
  3. After the modifications,
    1. Host it on your server,
    2. Copy the URL and paste it into the "Unsubscribe URL" after selecting the "MoEngage Tracking" under the respective connector configuration.
  4. Do not forget to save the configuration.

This unsubscribe link will be placed in the email footer as - "If you do not wish to receive future emails, unsubscribe here"

You can see the unsubscribe statistics for an email campaign on the Campaign Info page.

Adding Unsubscribe link in the email body 

Sendgrid tracking

If you would like to place the unsubscribe text somewhere specific in the email content, you can do so by linking the custom text to [unsubscribe_here]

MoEngage tracking

Use the below HTML code to customize the MoEngage unsubscribe link in the email body.

<a data-msys-unsubscribe=“1” href="">unsubscribe_text</a>


Each customer is hosted on a different data center; you can find your data center number (value of X) by checking the data center and API endpoint mapping page here.

You can also use a preference management page to allow users to subscribe to receive updates about the offerings or services they are interested in. For more information, refer to Subscription Categories.

When enabling subscription categories, you can hide the Unsubscribe All link using the HTML code snippet shown below.

<div style="display: none;">
    <a data-msys-unsubscribe=“1” href="">unsubscribe_text</a>
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