Configure WhatsApp

To start using WhatsApp Messaging on MoEngage, ensure to follow the steps in the mentioned order:

Step 1: Configure your Sender profile

Mandatory step to configure details about your WhatsApp BSP/WSP. MoEngage currently supports Infobip and Gupshup as native WhatsApp Service Providers. If you want to use any other provider, use MoEngage Connectors.

Step 2: Add templates that are already approved by WhatsApp

Read more here to know about Templates and how to manage them inside MoEngage.

Step 3: Update WhatsApp Opt-in on MoEngage

Highly Recommended. Set fields that store end-users WhatsApp numbers and WhatsApp Opt-in.
To set these fields, navigate to MoEngage Dashboard -> Settings ->WhatsApp -> General Settings and configure the following

Field Description
Select the attribute in which user's WhatsApp mobile number is stored From the drop-down select mobile number.
Select the attribute in which user's WhatsApp Opt-In is stored From the drop-down select WhatsApp Subscription Status.


Step 4:  Configure Delivery control settings

Optional. Configure Frequency Capping (FC) and Do Not Disturb (DND) to ensure that you are sending right amount of messages to your users and not during DND hours.


Once you are done with WhatsApp Configuration, you are ready to kick-start your WhatsApp Campaigns. Read here on how to create WhatsApp Campaign.


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