Syncing Segments from One MoEngage App to Another


Using Outbound Segment Sync and the Cohort Sync API of MoEngage, you can sync segments from one MoEngage app to another.

Use Cases

Cross-Product Promotions

If you have teams across various product offerings, keeping two apps synced can help you cross-promote your products to upsell and increase conversion.

Centralized Analysis

Businesses with multiple apps can do cross-app analysis to unlock higher LTV, provide opportunities for cross-selling, increase brand loyalty, and many other use cases.

Sync Segments

Perform the following steps to sync segments:

Step 1: Log in to your source app

Log in to the app you want to send segments from (source). Ensure that Outbound Segment Sync is already enabled in this app.

Step 2: Create a new custom destination

From the left navigation, go to App marketplace > Categories > Custom destinations. Add a new custom destination called "MoEngage".

Step 3: Create a new endpoint

In the newly created custom destination:

  1. Click + Add integration to configure a new endpoint.

  2. Enter a name for your endpoint such as your destination app name.
  3. Enter the following details:
    Field Value Description
    Request Method POST  
    URL endpoint The 'X' in the API endpoint URL refers to the MoEngage Data Center (DC). MoEngage hosts each customer in a different DC. You can find your DC number (value of X) and replace the value of 'X' in the URL by referring to the DC and API endpoint mapping here.
    Parameters   Leave empty.
    Authentication Basic Auth
    • Username: This is your destination MoEngage app's APP ID.
    • Password: This is your destination MoEngage app's Data API Key.
    1. MOE-APPKEY: This is your destination MoEngage account's APP ID.

    These two headers are mandatory.

    User identifier  

    Select your user identifier. This must be the same for both the source and destination Apps.

    Destination identifier uid

    Select the destination identifier as "uid" to send segments to another MoEngage app.

  4. After the fields above are configured, you can test the connection. If all your details are correct, the test should be successful.
  5. Save the integration.

Step 4: Sync a segment to your destination app

Follow the details here to sync your segments to your destination app.



  • When syncing segments from one MoEngage app to another, you must ensure that the users exist in both the source and the destination apps.
  • Ensure that the identifier of the users is the same across both apps.
  • Currently, you cannot sync anonymous users using this method.
  • You can also sync segments across regions.



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