June 2020

New features


Released on: 24 June 2020

Card campaign is a new channel on MoEngage to keep you connected with your customers, suppliers, and users. 

The card campaign supports the following features:

  • Non-intrusive campaign

  • Available in the inbox.

  • Customizable inbox for both Android and iOS

  • Available forever or for a specific time in the inbox

Card campaign opens communication with users who are not reachable via email or push notifications. These users have either unsubscribed emails or disabled push notifications.

The card campaign uses MoEngage inbox or any other inbox. If you use the MoEngage inbox, ensure that MoEngage SDK version 10.1.00 for Android and 6.1.0 for iOS is integrated.


For more information on the card feature, refer to Card Campaign.

Amplitude integration

Released on: 12 June 2020

Amplitude is an analytics platform, which enables growth through product and behavioral analytics. MoEngage and Amplitude integration is now live and includes:

  • Exporting behavioral cohorts from Amplitude to create custom segments in MoEngage.

  • Dynamically export cohort changes from Amplitude to update the corresponding custom segments in MoEngage.

  • Send campaign performance data to Amplitude for deeper analysis.

  • An easy-to-set-up integration without any developer involvement.


For more information on the integration and usage, refer to Amplitude integration.

Feature Enhancements

Edit dashboards

Released on: 12 June 2020

You now can edit dashboards based on your needs. You can:

  • View or edit charts displayed in the Custom Dashboards

  • Refresh a specific chart or all charts available in a Custom Dashboard

  • Share Charts and Dashboards with your team members using a URL or email.

  • Download charts as an image (PNG format) or excel (CSV format) 

  • Move or copy charts between dashboards.

  • Provide chart descriptions to communicate the context of the analysis.


For more information about editing dashboards, refer to Custom Dashboards in Analytics.

Flows Control Groups and Statistics

Released on: 12 June 2020

You can now use Control Group in Flows to measure the performance of your flow against that of the Control group. Measure the conversion uplift to validate the efficacy of your flows. 

You can now also get deeper insights into the performance of the flows by 

  • Analyzing the trends of conversions of users and engagement over time.

  • Compare the impact of all the engagement channels of the flows.


For more information about the Control group in Flows, refer to the Control Group in Flow.


User Profiles in Segmentation

Released on: 12 June 2020

User profiles in segmentation in a new avatar.

User Profiles have additional features with the new and enhanced user interface. The following features are enhanced:

  • Reachability of users for channels Push, Email, and SMS are available in a separate section.

  • Quick access to user properties. User properties are categorized in categories like Localization, Lifecycle, Custom attributes, Standard attributes, and so on.

  • All user activities are available in a separate section for deeper analysis. A timeline provides a holistic view of the past activities of the user.

  • User activities are filtered by selected events, campaigns, platforms, and time ranges.

  • User activity is sorted based on time. The collapsed view provides easier timeline analysis and the expanded view provides deeper attribute analysis.

  • Drill down on events performed between the filtered events.


For more information about user profiles, refer to Analyzing User Profiles.



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