May 2023


Audit logs in analytics

Audit logs are the centralized stream of all the user activity within an app, and we've released the audit logs feature for analytics. You can view the audit logs for the analytics dashboard, settings, actionable analytics, and proactive assistant. For more information, refer to Audit Logs.

Enhancement - Duplicate Steps in Analytics

You can duplicate the steps in Behavior, Funnels, and Retention for quicker query generation with this release.

Auxiliary Data

MoEngage supports file-based personalization with Auxiliary or Aux Data. This feature helps you import supplementary user information to an existing database and use it in campaigns for personalization. For more information, refer to Aux Data.

Visualize Flows

You can visualize user journeys and the path traversed by them in a Flow. This feature helps you understand why a specific user moved along a path or not and see their journey within the Flow. For more information, refer to Visualize User Trips.


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