File Segments

Growth teams often perform their custom analysis on the users and user data. Post the analysis, growth teams would want to use these users in a campaign or perform further analysis.

These users can be uploaded to MoEnage and used as the File Segment. The File Segment is a list of users. File Segment can be used for MoEngage campaigns or Analytics.

File Segments provides flexibility to create and target user segments that you may have identified through some user analysis at your end. You can import a list of users containing one of the User Attributes that identifies a unique user, and a custom segment of these users gets created.

Step 1:

Navigate to MoEngage Dashboard > Segment > Custom Segments and click Upload CSV




Step 2:

Select the User Attribute that your list is using. For example, if you have a list of the Driving ID of the users, select Driving ID from the user attribute dropdown.
Select the file which has the user list.
Provide custom segment name.
Provide an email where MoEngage can inform, once the segment gets created.

Note: If you don't see the segment after getting the email, please refresh the page and search.



A user attribute value must uniquely identify a single user. If an attribute value identifies multiple users, e.g. a city attribute with the value 'London' may have many users. These multiple users mapped to a single attribute become part of the segment and block the other user from getting included in the segment.
For example, if you upload 5 emails and the first email matches with 3 users (A, B, and C), the rest 4 emails match with one user each (D, E, F, and G). In this case, the system processes the first 5 users (A, B, C, D, and E) and the last 2 users (F and G) not added to the File Segment.

The system does this processing in batches of 2,000 attribute values.

Custom Segment Availability

As soon as the MoEngage system receives the File Segment request, it creates the custom segment. After creating a custom segment, the system processes the users and adds those users to the custom segment.

Hence custom segment is available when the file is processing and also if the file processing is failed. When the File Segment is processed, its status (either completed or failed) is communicated through an email or callback URL (in the case of File Segment API).

In case the file upload/processing has failed, you can upload the file again using the same custom segment name. The system will add the new user to the provided custom segment. This functionality also enables adding new users to any existing file custom segment.

Remove users and drop all users from the File Segment functionalities are not available on the MoEngage dashboard. These functions can be accessed using File Segment API.

File Format

Please check your file before uploading it to MoEngage systems. Make sure the file that you upload does not have duplicate values, special characters, double quotes, or empty rows. It should be a CSV file and should not be of size more than 64 MB.

User Availability

File Segments can only have users that are present in MoEngage. If you upload a user, who is not present in MoEngage systems, that user is not processed and can not be part of the File Segment.

To upload new users into the MoEngage and create a File Segment of those users, refer to Import Users.

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