Before using recommendations, you must fulfill specific requirements, which involve providing contextual information about users and items. This information enables the recommendation models to interpret and learn user behavior and generate relevant results with the item attributes for personalization.

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Item Catalog

An item catalog is a comprehensive list of all your business offerings. Each item in the catalog must have relevant details associated with it.

Marketers can connect the product catalog to MoEngage and use the product information in their campaigns. Ensure that your item catalog is up-to-date and represents your business offerings accurately. This enables the recommendation system to provide personalized suggestions based on the items in the catalog.

User Actions events

User action events are mandatory for personalized recommendations. Categorizing user-item interactions into standard events helps MoEngage interpret user behavior accurately.

For instance, when a user adds an item to the shopping cart, MoEngage needs to identify the event and store the associated unique item ID.

Fulfilling these prerequisites empowers you to leverage recommendations for personalized content and improved user engagement.

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