Tracking Revenue Performance for Email Campaigns

As a marketer, most of the times we want to understand the RoI of our campaigns i.e. how much revenue my product made after sending a communication. With MoEngage, you can very easily track revenue for your Email Campaigns.

While setting the conversion goal (in Step 3 of campaign creation), you can choose for which goal do you want to track the Revenue. Choose the goal by marking the check-box under Track $. In the example below, we are tracking the revenue for orderSuccessful event.


Please note that Revenue Tracking is optional and non-mandatory. You can uncheck the Track $ check-box to disable it.

Once you choose the goal, you can choose the numeric attribute which captures the total monetary value of order. In the example below cartValue contains the total order value. You can also choose the currency in which your monetary value is being reported.


Once done, you can go ahead and create the campaign.

Revenue Metrics

For your campaign, you then will be able to see three revenue metrics as below:


Total Campaign Revenue is the sum of the total order value across conversion events attributed to the campaign.

Average Order value is calculated as:



Average Revenue Per User is calculated as:


Also note that these revenue metrics are tracked for all attribution types viz. View through, Click Through and In-session attribution. You can just change the attribution type via the filter on the top right of Campaign Analytics page and see the respective revenue metrics.

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