Managing Alerts

You can manage your alerts from the Alert Management Dashboard. Any alert created is listed in the dashboard. To perform any action, such as edit, subscribe, duplicate, and so on, you would need the required access permission to do so. For more information, refer to Access Permissions for Alert Management.



We've revamped our Dashboard Settings. This article describes the steps to access Alert management on the MoEngage Dashboard in both the revamped and old UIs.


  1. Revamped UI: Settings -> Reports and Alerts -> Alert management
  2. Old UI: Settings -> App -> Alert management

The following tabs are available in the Dashboard:

  1. All alerts - This section contains all the alerts created in your MoEngage account.
  2. Out of the box alerts - This section contains the default alerts available as part of alert management. The default or Out of the box (OOTB) alerts are Campaign expiry, Facebook token expiry, and APNS token expiry.
  3. Custom alerts - This section contains custom alerts created on your request for your MoEngage account.

Alert Information

The following information is available for all the alerts listed in all three tabs.

  1. Alert name - This column contains the name of the alert.
  2. Alert type - This column contains the alert type. For OOTB alerts, the types are Campaign expiry, Facebook token expiry, APNS token expiry, Campaign Stats, and Flows Stats.
  3. Created by - This column specifies the email ID of the member who created the alert. 
  4. Subscribed by - This column specifies the email IDs of the members who've subscribed to the alert. 
  5. Subscription - This column specifies the subscription status of the logged-in user for the alert. For example, if you have subscribed to an alert, the status is Subscirbed.png and if you haven't subscribed to the alert, the status is SubTo.png. You can click on the Subscribe to link to subscribe to the alert.
  6. Actions - Click on the Actions.png to view the available options. For more information, refer to Actions that can be performed on alerts.

Actions that can be performed on alerts

You can perform the following actions on an alert by clicking on the Actions.png at the end of the row.


Field Description
View This action lets you view the created alert. Any member with access to the Alert management dashboard can view the alert.
Edit This action lets you edit the alert.
Duplicate This action lets you duplicate the alert. You cannot duplicate OOTB alerts.
Unsubscribe This action lets you unsubscribe from receiving the alert.
Subscribe others

This action lets you add other members as subscribers to receive the alert. For example, if someone were to join your team and you wish to add them to the subscribers to receive alerts about certain events, you can do so with this option.


Delete This action lets you delete the alert. Once deleted, the alert will not be available for viewing on the dashboard.

Search by alert name

You can specify an alert by its name in the Search bar and look it up, as shown below.

Revamped UI Old UI


Filter alerts

You can filter alerts by their type, creator, and subscribers. To Filter alerts, click Filter alerts at the top right corner and specify the criteria for filtering, as shown below.

Revamped UI Old UI


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